Flat Roofing Services on the Isle of Wight

Do you need a new garage extension flat roof? Or do you have problems with an existing flat roof?

If you need a domestic flat roof – we can provide a complete range to suit your specifications. Whether you need an asphalt assembly and bituminous waterproof roof, to one composed of single ply membranes for maximum water resistance, we’re here to help. We understand that customers may not fully understand the best roofing option for them, and so we can ensure that our trained staff provide you with all the information and expert support needed to make the right choice.

Tailor-made flat roofing

We can then offer a tailor-made flat roofing service – whether it’s to repair an existing one or create an entirely new one from scratch. This service ensures that you get the right roof for your home or business, in an affordable way.

Experienced Flat-Roofers

With our wealth of in house flat and felt roofing experience, which covers a wide range of types including hot melt, liquid plastic and built up felt roofing systems, we’re the best choice on the Isle of Wight for flat roofing services.

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